Commerce AI and the Sales Paradigm Shift


To mimic human sales processes, a digital tidal wave has been growing since 2015 - conversational commerce: That is e-commerce done via various means of conversation & messaging solutions. The current tech that is offered on the market for this is successful compared to classic e-commerce, but it is not even close to reaching the potential of the best human sales agents. With our SMOC solution, we are leading the way of the full potential of the coming AI driven sales and retention paradigm shift.  

In this webinar you will learn about the field of conversational commerce, how you can embrace the opportunites it provides, use it to increase conversions, reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and boost loyalty. 

Here is what we go through during the webinar:

- Why you should care about the paradigm shift surrounding Conversational Commerce
- Examples of effective Conversational Commerce
- Questions & answers

All registrant will recieve an email shortly before the webinar starts, with a link to where you can view it.

We hope you will join us!

Jógvan Brimheim Gunnarsson

Inbound Marketing Manager, SMOC.AI

Jógvan is SMOC.AI's Faroese marketing viking. He has bachelors degree in International Marketing, and over five years of experience within the field of inbound and customer journeys.
His experience spans both the fields of B2B and B2C, something extremely valuable for everyone who is lucky to work with and learn from him.
In addition to applying his knowledge of the field through his work at SMOC.AI., he is also a guest lecturer at different business schools in Norway.
If he isn't busy doing any of these things, you will find him running about Oslo or at a fun karaoke bar.

Kristoffer Kvam

Founder & CEO, Chariman, SMOC.AI

Coded the initial Wizer AI engine core of SMOC. Loves to help out with whatever is needed to make the team succeed and customers extremely happy. Previous Telco, Digital and AI Executive. MEng, MBA. Never at peace, but comes close when skiing or kayaking.